Pokémon, VHS, Tamagotchis cards… Instead of giving up the toys of our childhood in the attic of the family home, we might as well give them a second life by selling them. Because yes, some are worth a fortune.

#1 Old Disney VHSs
Who would have thought that our old VHSs from La Belle et le Clochard would one day sell for a fortune? According to The Sun, Disney VHSs from the Black Diamond collection are selling for a fortune today. We checked and yes, we can sell a cassette of The Little Mermaid for $9,000 on Ebay.

#2 Vintage Game Boy
Even if the Game Boy of our childhood was the apple of your eye during these years of innocence, you should know that selling it would make ends meet. Since they are on average sold for $1,000 on Ebay. Yes, 1000. While the associated games are estimated at about… 2500 dollars. If you don’t believe it, check it out for yourself.

#3 Our best friends Tamagotchi
Our best childhood friends are worth a lot on the resale market. Since these gadgets that have accompanied us for so many years can be resold at a golden price. No longer really available in sales stores, they are resold on average 150 dollars (!). The most expensive on Ebay is estimated at 700.

#4 The dolls of our childhood
500 dollars for a Bratz doll, 895 for a My Scene collection, or 1750 for a Barbie doll. But be careful, in order to be able to sell them at a high price, it is better to have a rare model. It pays.

#5 Collector’s Pokémon cards
Having punctuated our playgrounds, many people (adults) collect Pokémon cards. And for those who sell them, prices are soaring. Especially the very first cards released on the market.